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This project was to repair damage to two marble urns in Victoria Park, the provenance of which, according to the inscription, is that they were presented by Napoleon to Joesphine in 1805 and brought from France by Colonel Page after the Peninsular war. As you can see from the photograph, a large part of the upper lip is missing from this one, and both handles are also missing. The cause of the damage was a mix of vandalism and erosion.

To start with the damage to the lip needed to be cut back to good and squared up. The left and right edge joints i cut radiating from the urns diameter, or as close as i could find, to obtain a true template section. I also made a bedmould template from my measurement of the diameter. I worked the stone using these templates then applied a number of dry fixes for the fine tuning. Once i got the stone to fit it became apparent due to the position of the indent that all the weight of the stone was on its outer edge, so it did not want to balance or sit where I wanted it. I drilled a number of pinholes. (Pic 1 in gallery)


The pins had to be drilled in deep because of the weight and balance of the stone but also because the marble had become powdery and weak around the area of damage. It took quite a bit of depth to find some solid stuff to pin into. I decided to use a mix of NHL5 lime, W50 sand and some marble dust for mortar repairs and bedding, due to the amount of exposure the urns have to the elements. (2nd pic in the gallery)


In the 3rd pic in the gallery you can see the indent fixed and handle attached. The handles were awkward to fix due to heavy damage around the areas where they sat originally. I refixed the handles on pins then carried out mortar repairs to the top and bottom of the handles as they met the urn to blend them in and a few mortar repairs to the body of the urn and around the base of the indent where the marble was weathered away.

Marble Urn, Victoria Park, Bath

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Click pic to see the Finished Urn

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